Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Smartphone?


Are you getting the most out of your smartphone? I know I’m not but with this post I decided to share a few ways of how I use mine. For starters I have a iPhone. I’m not looking to start a war with android people I’m just going to share how I use mine.

If you listen to audio’s or read books from successful authors such as Jim Rohn who is one of my favorites, they say carry a journal around with you. Great advice I’m not debating that. However, I don’t want to carry one around much less a paper bound one. But I and probably most of you carry your smartphone wherever you go. I’ve used a boatload of apps which some of you may as well. Evernote being the one I’m using now. Many of the experts say your handwritten version is best. There’s something about the neurons that sink in better with your memory. I’m not arguing that. If you really want to program yourself use both.

Do you use the reminders app on your smartphone? I’ve had that quite awhile before I decided to get the most out of it. Your calendar is great but the icon on my reminders will show if I haven’t completed a scheduled task. Ah!! I love that. It will show a number of uncompleted scheduled task which displays whenever I go to use my phone. I make sure that’s on the home screen so it’s in my face reminding me to get busy.

Here is a tip that I read about from Ray Higdon. A huge name in the home business industry> Hand write your affirmations on 3×5 cards. Take a photo of each card and group them in a photo album you create on your smartphone. You could name the album “Affirmations” or whatever you choose. Now you have a great way of reviewing your affirmations on the fly in your own handwriting on your smartphone which is with you all the time. I do the same thing with goals.

Use the voice recorder on your phone. I’ve downloaded a couple of different one’s to get a feel for the one I like most.  So far I haven’t found one that will continuously loop. If you don’t want to carry a pen and paper to record an idea, voice record it and take it paper later. Not to leave out recording your affirmations to listen to while commuting, sleeping, meditating or whatever.

I’m always looking to get the most out of this piece of technology I’m always carrying around with me.  Please feel free to share your ideas.

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