Are You Programming Yourself for Success?

I have a confession to make: I am addicted to personal development. I have a routine I have decided to share with you a little bit later. But for now this is a critical topic for personal achievement. Famed authors of past and present such as Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, Og Mandino and a whole host of others to modern day authors such as Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield and Tony Robbins will advise some sort of routine to program yourself.

Last Sunday I’m at church and it’s communion Sunday. For those who aren’t religious this happens once a month. As part of the ceremony we read in unison the church covenant. Why? It’s programming. We are re-enforcing the mission of the church and our commitment to that mission. The government uses it. When I was a kid in school we had to recite “The Pledge of Allegiance to The United States of America”. I don’t know if they still do it. I was a kid a long time ago but that goes to show you the indoctrination starts you off young. I believe I was in elementary school at the time.

Couldn’t we just toss out the ball, hockey puck or whatever to get the game started at the beginning of a sporting event? Of course, but the national anthem has precedence. Why? programming. This just doesn’t happen in the good old U.S.A., every country in the world has some form of programming going on.

Big business uses it too. I think they all have some sort of mission statement that the founders put together to get the troops all in unison. Hey, maybe that’s a clue. Maybe that’s part of the recipe to get big. Hint! Hint!

Ok, I said I would share the recipe I am using right now. This one is a sales recipe. You could make up one for any type of goal you want. This one comes from a book titled: “The Greatest Salesman In The World” by Og Mandino. To lighten things up: I get no compensation for my endorsement. To get a synopsis go Google it or go to but to get the jest of it you are to learn the “10 Scrolls”. It will take 10 months to complete the book. You program yourself for sales success by reading one scroll a month three times a day. You actually could complete it in 9 months because the first scroll is instructional so you really wouldn’t need a whole month for that one. It is suggested to read it out loud if the environment permits. Once after arising in the morning, once mid-day (that could be the awkward one to read out loud if you’re out and about among the public), and once before retiring at night. That’s a programming technique that’s bound to sink in. Earl Nightingale has a similar technique in his famous work: “The Strangest Secret”.

Like it or not you are being programmed by what you are exposed to. Sure you could turn off the television or not listen to the radio but if you come outside the house your getting it in one form or another. You get it from the people you spend the most time with too. Unfortunately it takes most of us to get to adulthood to realize mom and dad was right. The person they told us to not hang around wasn’t really good for us. They may be nice but they may not be headed nowhere positive. From billboards to the sides of buses and wherever we go programming is there. It’s all designed to hijack your thoughts on a conscious and sub-conscious level. You can’t avoid it. If you see, hear or somehow ingest something repeatedly you are being programmed. If you’re not programming yourself for success why not? ┬áThat’s the best programming of all. The programming to help you achieve your goals. As the famous slogan say’s; “Just do It”. Do you have a programming routine?

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