Creating Your Path To Success

Creating your path to success depends on walking on a firm foundation. Knowing WHAT you want is only the beginning. Visualizing what you want and repeating affirmations makes your intentions stronger. Yet, this is not enough. So what IS the secret to realizing your goals? Let’s walk the path together. As we walk the path step by step, I encourage you to write the answers to these questions:


  1.  Where are you now? What are your strengths, resources, and areas of improvement?


  1.  What do you want to achieve? What is important to you? Money? Relationships? Having fun? Creating a vibrant body? …Use your imagination to explore. List everything you want without editing.


  1. What do you REALLY want? What lights you up and gets you excited? What is your heart’s desire?


  1.  Now explore the risks, obstacles, or challenges that could interfere with achieving these goals. Notice what is stopping you from having what you want now. This is the most powerful question to answer because it is how you sabotage yourself from success. By recognizing the challenges, obstacles or risks and addressing them in your Action Plan, you manage your productive tension to focus on your desired outcome.



  • Do you dress for success?


  • Health: attitude, energy, mental clarity, and overall well-being are all linked to good health. Health is supported by


  • Exercise: Pleasurable forms can include weight lifting, dance, belly dance, Tango, golf, tennis, jogging, walking, cycling, yoga, and many other forms.


  • Complacency: When we get too comfortable, we can set ourselves up to fail. If you are at the top, keep your edge and passion by giving yourself new challenges.


  1.  Select your favorite goals and write an affirmation for each following this format:


  • State your goals in specific, measurable terms so you can recognize their achievement. Avoid the use of the words “try, not, don’t, can’t, shouldn’t…”


  1.  Imagine yourself already having your goals accomplished: What do you see? What do you hear? What do you feel?


  1.  Create an Action Plan to achieve your desired results: Be specific about every step required. The goals need to be compelling to be achievable.


  1.  Reinforce your goals daily: Create a vision map with YOU in the picture and place it where you can see it daily. Record your affirmations in your voice and listen to them daily. Repeat your affirmations morning and night. Focus on what you desire.


  1.  Be Accountable: Find a coach who you will allow to hold you accountable in a supportive way. Ultimately, accountability is the key to success. A coach supports you by inspiring pride and self-discipline. For best results, the coach is someone who has no attachment to the outcome. The coach walks the path with you — but not for you.


Ultimately, your success depends on your ability to monitor and manage your level of productive tension.

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