The Person Who Say’s He Or She Never Had A Chance Probably Hasn’t The Courage To Take A Chance

Thomas Edison once said that the reason most people don’t recognize opportunity when it comes along is that it is often dressed in coveralls and looks like work. Often opportunities come with a great deal of work and a willingness to take a chance on something, the outcome of which may not be certain.

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Eventually you reach a point when you must either embrace an opportunity with all of it’s uncertainties or else turn your back on it. Nobody can tell you when you have reached that point, you must alone decide when it’s time to go for it, to have the courage to take a chance.

I’ve heard it said courage isn’t the absence of fear, it’s the going forward in spite of it. Only the tough survive and the courageous thrive. This is relative to the saying in the entrepreneur world: Your “Why” must be strong enough to make you cry. For when you have enough determination nothing can stop you.

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In Napoleon Hill’s famous book: “Think and Grow Rich”. He mentions “a secret” but never reveals it. However many times throughout the book he mentions a burning desire. It is my belief that the secret he speaks of is a burning desire. Not only will you embrace an opportunity when recognized but you will seize and conquer it. For when you have a burning desire all excuses and reasons to turn your back on opportunity fall by the wayside.

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