Top Century 21 Hawaii team switches to eXp Realty

On Wednesday, one of the largest Century 21 teams in Hawaii switched over to eXp Realty.

The Farris Team, run by husband and wife duo Travis and Neessa Farris, said the move was necessary for growth and innovation.

By utilizing a remote working model, Travis told HousingWire that it allows them to collaborate like no other way before.

“The way that this is set up is like allowing me to basically build an organization that my team is plugging into, but I’ll be able to feed into that entire organization of people, to where it’s definitely gonna be growing but it’s changed, the concept has kind of changed,” Travis said.

The Farris Team produces over $40 million a year, and entered the industry less than a decade ago.

Neessa said that with eXp, their team will be able to focus on the No. 1 priority – the consumer.

“I think that’s the coolest concept that we’re creating, especially in lead generation, is that we are helping people create these online platforms where they can get leads and provide data to the consumer without having to necessarily rely on the company to provide that data and the board,” Neessa said. “So the agents themselves are the ones providing all of the value, and all of the information that consumers are looking for when they’re shopping around for houses.”

“It’s not all about the companies with the big brick and mortars and the awards and the partners and all of the things that aren’t contributing to the value of service.”

Calling their former brokerage “old school,” the team said making this switch is helping them with overall expansion and growth. Travis said it’s making real estate fun again.

“We really enjoyed watching online trends and watching agent attraction, going in and meeting with them,” Travis said.

With their current 15 agents and handful of states, Travis said they are seeking nationwide expansion in the future.

“We’re hoping industry change for the better for the agent and the consumer, and that’s exciting,” Neessa said.

HousingWire contacted Century 21 for a comment on the Farris team leaving for eXp, but as of publication time, the company had not yet responded. This article will be updated should the company respond

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